Selfies Group Exhibit

Call For Art:

2018 Selfies Group Show: What You Did Not Share:

Deadline to submit is May 1, 2018

Exhibit Dates: July 1, through August 1, 2018

Location: To be determined


"Selfies" (What You Did Not Share) Exhibit is open for submissions for all artists in Southern California.  We all have self-expression, and sometimes we express it by snapping emotions and feelings through selfies showing the truth in everything our faces give off emotionally. Your art must reflect yourself in a selfie and must represent how you honestly see yourself whether its what you want people to project or what reality is. Location TBD and will be in the City of Los Angeles. This call for art is open to visual artists, digital artists, photographers and theatrical artists.  What does a selfie mean to you and what has it become in our culture?   Send questions regarding this submission to


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