Glendale Community College Competition

First, an update:

Voting has begun for GCC's first Public Art Competition, funded by the Glendale College Foundation.
We need your input!

The Art Gallery is asking for feedback on which of our 5 amazing final submissions should win the competition, and have their murals installed on campus.  Drop by the Gallery, and fill out a comment card.  Voting is open until Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Hours for Voting:
Monday:  Noon to 5 pm
Tuesday:  10:30 am to 3:30 pm
Wednesday:  Noon to 5 pm
Thursday:  10:30 am to 2:30 pm
Friday:  10 am to 2 pm

Instructors:  we are happy to open the gallery at any time for your classes to visit.  Email at

Off campus visitors can make an appointment at

The Story:

The Glendale Community College Foundation and The Art Gallery @ GCC announced the five finalists for their first GCC Public Art Competition.  I was pleased and excited to find out that I was one of five finalists selected in this competition. The other finalists were Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Nancy Macko, Kim Marra and Jill Sykes.  The competition was open to Los Angeles-based artists and of all the submitted proposals representing and reflecting a personal artist journey and vision. There will be only one winner will be selected by a committee representing the diversity of populations on campus, in consultation with the Foundation and the Office of the President. The final, selected artwork will be installed on the exterior of a central building at GCC, for a period of at least five years.

I was also so very happy to read that this competition reflects the College’s ongoing commitment to exhibiting best-quality visual art and creative projects to the GCC community.  To have me make it this far has truly given me hope and made me even more determined to fulfill my dream of continuing my passion of artistic creation. It has also made me want to be a better artist and help other artists in their journey.  

The submissions will be on view at The Art Gallery @ GCC from August 29th to September 14th, 2017.  I am asking you to please help me with this competition.  The gallery at GCC and the foundation are welcoming feedback on all the pieces.  Any feedback on my piece may help my chances of winning ten thousand dollars to further invest in my passion and my commitment to the arts.  

You are welcome to submit your written feedback to and tell them what you think about my piece. I would truly be grateful.

Here is a little about me and about my piece "Cardinal Gold":


Artist Bio
“I want to change the world and have wanted to since I was eight. I want people to see the very inner core of their being and learn of open hearts, forgiveness and kindness through color and art. I donate 80 % of my murals to not only create but to beautify our surroundings and bring hope to the community and all that live in it. I believe strongly in changing peoples lives and it all starts with love and kindness. Being an artist is my calling and to create is my gift to share with everyone I can in hopes to brightening someones day. "I find that paint and a blank canvas make for better company. Paint runs through my veins, across my heart and trails to my fingertips transcribing emotion from brush to canvas. With I am a Random Sphere of Logical Babble " - Skye Amber Sweet 

About the Submission:

Cardinal Gold represents positivity, strength, direction and community within each of our inner being. The Glendale Community College colors are bold like our students and the student's individual journey. My painting is guidence through their growth in both education and self-becoming. This painting represents stages in our lives that we must go through to be successful and aspire to follow our dreams. We are like trees starting out on a journey to find our path and with that strength and community, there is no stopping us.