Who is Velvet Marshall and what is this project about?

Velvet Marshall is a second generation American painter and artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and showrooms and is represented in a number of private collections. Originally trained in a classical, realistic style, she was mentored at an early age by my father, Chet Marshall and raised within a family of artists. While still in elementary school she was introduced to the LA mural culture by working with Jane Golden on the Santa Monica "Muir Woods" in 1978 which left a lasting impression on her.

About a year ago Velvet was asked if she would be willing to donate a mural to Ramona Park in the city of Hawthorne. Since then she began working  diligently on the sketches, designs and presentations for the mural and painted a maquette or small version of what the mural would look like on a 80" x 30" canvas.  Painting this mural gave her an opportunity to share her joy and experience of painting with children, their families and passersby in the park.

​In order to give to our communities around us and help beautify them, we must fund them first.  Ramona Park will be the second park mural donation for the City of Hawthorne.  The first was donated and funded by our own Skye Amber Sweet at Skyepoet and raised money to support the entire project at Holly Park in Hawthorne. With the contributions we had in funding this project, it only gave peace, love and joy to the neighbors in the community who visit the park regularly. 

​We, again like so many murals we have raised money for would like to help our fellow artist and friend, Velvet Marshall raise enough money to successfully contribute to a community that needs it.  Without funding projects like this cannot take place and are put off due to no funding which leads to a deficit of art in the community. Will you help us?

What Velvet Marshall needs for this project:

Excited that the city and surrounding neighbors have approved Velvet Marshall's mural proposal, she is ready to put the mural into production. Production and painting of the mural is scheduled to begin August 16, 2017 but she needs your help. In order to cover all of the production expenses required to make this mural a reality we need to raise $2000. This amount will be used for paint, brushes, tarps and all supplies needed to complete this project. Velvet is personally donating an estimated 25 - 30 hours to paint the mural on the 40 foot by 9 foot wall facing the children's park.

Below is the wall that the Good Neighbor Mural will be painted on and it faces the park where children will see and appreciate. To make this happen, please support this project and donate.  One dollar could be the difference in making projects like this happen and without your support, we cannot fund the beautification of our neighborhoods that you have an opportunity to be a part of.  

There are some exciting rewards for becoming involved with the " Good Neighbors" mural project. Special edition giclee prints of the mural maquette as well as having your name included in a special dedication on the mural itself.

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Even if you cannot financially support the project, we would be grateful if you can help me spread the word on your favorite social media sites.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Any kind of paint or painting supplies that you can donate would be beneficial and greatly appreciated.
As always, for any donations made a receipt can be offered for tax purposes.