This mural "Ivanhoe Love" is located at in Silver Lake at 2938 Rowena Avenue.  This property consists of ten bungalows and a main house in the back lot.  The mural was painted on two separate bungalows facing Rowena Boulevard and each measured thirty feet across and ten feet tall.  This project took ten days to complete and at that time was Skye Amber Sweets biggest mural thus far.  

"I wanted to share my love for Silver Lake in honor of the owners who had lived there for many years and cherished the history of it originally being called Ivanhoe.  I loved painting the two colorful trees and this mural challenged me to get creative with the design of the bungalows with its curves.  We hope at some point to paint the two inner sections to wrap the mural around but I have been very busy painting our surrounding streets around the Silver Lake Reservoir."

Ivanhoe Love