Born the second week of October, the kind and warm Libra baby, Kylee Starr blessed Los Angeles County with her bright eyes as the world welcomed her in 2006. 

Finding creation in every moment of her being, Kylee loves to paint and draw while attaching thoughtful notes to brighten up her friends and family's day.

Kylee is 9 years old and lives and attends fourth grade in Silverlake, California.  She enjoys being a part of a bigger picture in school joining the "LA's Best" Dance Team and Science Club.  She often helps with the flyers by sharing some of her drawings to hang around campus.  

Kylee loves the ocean and in her painting "Surf's Up Mom", she paints surreal thoughts of pink and turquoise waves with  endless sea life surrounding her. She made this for her mother when living in Newport Beach, California in 2013. To date, it is our favorite piece she has created.

Her contemporary colorful painting, "Drive Me To The Moon" was influenced by her mother Skye Amber Sweet. This painting helped Kylee use new techniques and colors carrying Kylee to new limits of thinking outside the box.  

In 2016, Kylee finished "Flowers In The Distance" with hopes to showing at her first art show this year.  She has completed three new works in April and continues to paint nw ones with colorful ideas the rest of the year.

Written By Skye Amber Sweet

Al Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet

​April 22nd, 2016

"Visiting Nature's Garden With Kylee Starr Bernal"

Below:  "Surfs Up Mom" By Kylee Starr Bernal

Above: "Drive Me To The Moon" by Kylee Starr Bernal

Above:  "Flowers In The Distance" by Kylee Starr Bernal