The Eastside Co. Real Estate team has always felt it was important to support our community.
When we first started practicing real estate we didn’t have the financial resources to donate to
charities and schools so we instead donated our time to 826LA’s tutoring program. If you
haven’t heard about it I encourage you to stop by their incredibly fun storefront at 1714 Sunset
Blvd. Look for the Echo Park Time Travel Mart signage and/or a robot in the window. Now that
we’ve been in business for over 12 years my team and I have been trusted to help hundreds of
people in our Eastside community buy and sell residential real estate. This support from our
clients in the community has allowed us to provide for our families and we are now fortunate to
be in a position to financially give back.

There are a couple ways we will start giving back: financial donations to schools and charities
and community improvement projects. Regarding schools, for each home we sell, we will
donate to the local public elementary. The greater the home price the larger the donation we
can afford. For referrals from friends, family and clients we will donate to the charity of choice of
the person providing the referral. The community improvement projects can vary from parkway
clean-up and the planting of native plant species to the commission of murals and street art
created by local artists. We can’t draw or paint or sculpt but we admire those that devote their
life to pursuing the arts and want to support them. Along with helping the local artists it is our
hope to interest the younger members of our community to learn and take pride in their
community by becoming involved with our projects.

Our first community improvement project is the blighted parkway on the eastern side Silver Lake
Blvd between Rockford and Cove. The parkway is unkempt, overgrown with weeds, trash,
cigarette butts, dead trees and dog waste. We thought, “would it be crazy to think that if this
stretch of land was planted with attractive drought tolerant foliage then people would maybe
litter less and pick up their dog waste. We started by sending letters to the neighbors who lived
closest to the parkway to learn if anyone had any objection to the planting we were planning.
To our surprise not only was there no objection there were kind words of support and plant
donations. We’ve even been invited into a couple homes to discuss our plans and have made
friends in the process.

As we started the clean up we noticed a stretch of wall on the same parkway that was covered
in graffiti and local gang tagging. The wall had a significant crack in it and needed to be
repaired or replaced so until then we thought a mural would help prevent future tagging and
would give walkers and joggers something to enjoy as they went by. Since for many years we
had appreciated the friendly and joyful mural work of local artist Skyepoet we thought she may
be a good fit for the project. We direct messaged her through Instagram to see if she’d be
interested in our commissioning her to create something for the wall. She not only was
interested she was enthusiastic about our mission and the motivation behind the mural. Skye
came up with a design and we invited parents and kids from the neighborhood who came out
and helped paint it.

We look forward to identifying other areas in which we can make a positive impact and
encourage suggestions. Suggestions can be sent to