“My work is produced pretty selfishly. The things I draw or paint are usually things that I think are funny, clever, silly, or gross.  I've stopped trying to please people with my work, which has actually made my work more likeable, I think. Ultimately, my work is an extension of my sense of humor.”

There is a distinct look to Hannah’s art from her blocky patches of paint and the vibrancy in color she adds to all her pieces.  She is an acrylic painter making square marks to develope a pixelated look.  She leaves a signature mark by incorporating the appearance of slimy and wet and having a penchant for teeth, eyeballs and toes.

Hannah is inspired by many things in life including her passion for cooking, exploring and creativity.  She enjoys her time with her bunny, Juniper and loves naps and relaxing outside sipping her favorite beer.  Her love for the simple things in life is also the passion in the center of who she is that makes her a creator and a very inspired one at that.

“A world without art would be overwhelmingly, incredibly, superbly, and undeniably boring. My inspiration comes from the multitude of artists producing, both in my city of Los Angeles and all over the world.  I try to keep up as best I can with the goings-on in the art community...there's a LOT out there, and inspiration can come from places you least expect.”

There are many artists in our world ranging from new to refined, technical to free and Hannah believes in just being whoever it is you are and incorporating it into your art.  Like many artists, she is working hard to get her work in the eyes of the world and wants to do so while having fun.  

“ I suppose I mostly want people to get the impression that art doesn't have to be snobby, refined, or for a particular type of person.  It can be as straightforward as "fun", and can hopefully be enjoyed with as little as that in mind.”

The Obanoth will always show its bright true colors, painting the world in laughter and truth.  You will always know where you stand in her presence as she connects you to her world that she selfishly shares.  Look close and find The Obanoth in you and you may see yourself in her art.

​Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet​

Hannah Webb is an artist that goes by the name The Obanoth.  She lives in Los Angeles and lives to create utilizing her painting and illustrations skills to brighten the world with vibrant art. She is a believer that self expression and honesty is what is the key to a successful and well connected piece.  

“Art allows people to present their true selves, or the self they envision for themselves, which I think is a valuable concept.  Be you!”

Born an artist and drawing since she was very young, Hannah decided to pursue a degree in the arts to pave her path to becoming a full time artist as her career.  Since graduating in 2010, she has consistently produced new creations and has step foot in the direction in fulfilling an artistic dream.

​To be selfish is to lack consideration of others.  For most, this is an act of one’s own intent to indulge in a personal profit or pleasure. In this case however,  the art that The Obanoth shares with the world is produced with a personal “Truth”. Being true to herself means she is true to her craft and with that the meaning of each is shared quite selflessly to the world.