Call For Art: 

August Artist Feature:

Deadline to Submit is July 20, 2017

Every month, Skyepoet features one artist online with a story about the artist, their art and how their art changes the world. As creators, we have the power to make a difference with the movement in our hearts that help change all that is around us. If you are an artist that has strong beliefs in changing the world with kindness and love, please submit your story below. Along with your feature, you have a dedicated full page on our Skyepoet site that can be shared along with what you believe in.


  • There is a nonrefundable $5 submission fee to submit. 

2018 Yearly Mural Giveaway (Los Angeles & Orange County Only):

Deadline to submit is September 21, 2017

In 2016-2017 Skye Amber Sweet (Owner and Founder of Skyepoet) raised money and had support from donations from The Home Depot to paint ten murals located in Silver Lake, Eagle Rock and the City of Hawthorne, California.  Some of the larger projects from the past were for the City of Hawthorne and St. Theresa of Avila Catholic School located in Silver Lake.  We are now taking submissions and proposals to paint a mural for free in January 2018 in the Los Angeles of Orange County area.  

The submission process will include submitting and getting approval from the city in which the mural will be donated to.  The deadline to submit is September 21, 2017.  This will allow three months to process paper work and plan to start in January. In the past, we have completed murals for free from 13-60 feet wide.  In submitting for a free mural to be awarded to you, we are looking to donate to an area or place that needs beautification.  

To Submit: Please process the submission fee directly below then email with the following information using the subject line: ( 2018 Mural Proposal_Your Name )

  1. Full Name 
  2. Company Name or Building Owners Name
  3. Location including Address and Cross Streets
  4. Photo of the proposed area for the mural 
  5. Dimentions of the mural area proposed
  6. Phone Number and Email address
  7. Mural Concept to be a collaborated idea with the artist, Skye Amber Sweet and team
  8. ​Why you would like to receive a mural free and what will it bring to your community

There is a non refundable Submission Fee of $25.00 (Add To Cart)

(Please Comment on Payment: ( 2018 Mural Proposal_Your Name )

​Send requested information in your submission to 

Just Want to Help Fund More Murals?:

​​"Sharing My HeArt Mural Fundraising"

If you believe in changing the world one mural at a time and want to show support and contribute funds to new projects, please click the links below.  Thank you for all you love and support! ​​

​I want to help fund $5.00 (Change Quantity if Needed)

Please Submit using Form Below
Send questions regarding this submission to

Please Submit using Form Below
Send questions regarding this submission to

You can submit to more than one Call for Art at a time using the separate forms below call.

2018 "Selfies" (What You Did Not Share) Group Show:

Deadline to submit is November 1, 2017


"Selfies" (What You Did Not Share) Exhibit is open for submissions for all artists in Southern California.  We all have self expression and sometimes we express it by snapping emotions and feelings through selfies showing truth in everything our faces give off emotionally. Your art must reflect yourself in a selfie and must represent how you truly see yourself whether its what you want people to project or what reality is. Location TBD and will be in the City of Los Angeles. 


This call for art is open to visual artists, digital artists, photographers and theatrical artists.  What does a selfie mean to you and what has it become in our culture?  


There is a no submission fee for this exhibit.

You can submit to more than one Call for Art at a time using the separate forms below call.