Soulful Hustler: Skyepoet at the Atwater "Los Feliz Car Wash"
"Sorry about my potty mouth, I am over hear inhaling paint..."

Grand Park: The Official DTLA Dia de los Muertos Celebration
"LORE Productions Art Director Marcus Pollitz talks about the the Dia de losMuertos Fountain Art Installation at Grand Park...(Aztec Death God by Skye Amber Sweet to far right behind him)..."

U & C Magazine: Skye Sweet: Peace, Love, Hope…Now
"Not only does she have an incredibly unique name, her art is also one of a kind as well. Everything about Skye Amber Sweet comes down to creation, innovation, and above all: passion. Skye is an artist in many fields, working with and manipulating canvas, as well as painting murals, and also originally wanted to become a chef and focus on the art of food and cooking..."

LA Weekly Art Walk: March
"Check out photos from the Artwork in DTLA where artist Skye Amber Sweet exhibited over thirty paintings at the LATC..."

Art and Cake: Cratedigger Vol. 2 at Gabba Gallery – An Homage to the Album Cover
"A jubilant collection created by over 90 artists, the exhibition is based on an homage to the art of the album cover. Each piece is 12 x 12 inches, but other than that, has little in common..."

Hawthorne Community Television: City News: Skye Sweet Included
City News for the first half of May 2017 featuring Skye Amber Sweet and the new Holly Park Mural in Hawthorne, California..."

Diversions LA: One City One Pride: Into the Streets
"The City of West Hollywood’s 40-day One City One Pride festival is a tribute to diversity that is itself wonderfully diverse in the wide variety of arts programming it offers..."

Art Muzeo Magazine: Issue 2
"Read about local Los Angeles artists in the new LA based magazine, Art Muzeo.  Skye Amber Sweet is one of many artists to be featured along with their work of art..."

Inspirational Souls: Feature and LIVE Ep. #8 – Inspirational Artist – Skye Amber Sweet
"Born in Oregon, raised in Hawaii, Skye Amber Sweet is a self-taught artist, activist, blogger, and art coach....”

Diversions LA: Cratedigger: The Lost Art of Album Cover Art
"There’s music in the art, or art in the music. Anyway you look at it, Gabba Gallery’s Cratedigger: The Lost Art of Album Cover Art is a visual song. The wide-ranging group show features the work of 85 artists who have created 12 x 12 album art for both real and imagined records..."


LA Weekly Art Walk: February
"Check out photos from the Artwork in DTLA where artist Skye Amber Sweet exhibited thirty paintings at the LATC..."

Architectural Mailboxes: ElephanTrunk Giveaway

"LA based artist Skye Amber Sweet takes on the Elephantrunk Project, creating beautiful hand painted parcel drops. She is giving away the first of the collection, “Trunk of Roses” free to a local LA business, gallery or residence..."

City of Hawthorne: Proclamation with Skye Amber Sweet
"A proclamation was presented to artist Skye Amber Sweet for her donation of a mural at HollyPark expressing her love for the community and its continued growth.  The mural was painted on March 25 and 26th of 2017. Children at the park were able to participate by adding their hand prints into the design of the mural..."

The Sherman Oaks Chamber Foundation: 2017 Accomplishments on Utility Boxes
"Four utility boxes were commissioned and painted by artists including Skye Amber Sweet...”

City of Hawthorne News
A proclamation was presented to artist Skye Amber Sweet for her donation of a mural at HollyPark expressing her love for the community and its continued growth. The mural was painted on March 25 and 26th of 2017. Children at the park were able to participate by adding their hand prints into the design of the mural. Artist Skye Amber Sweet is a poet and muralist and is known for her canvas art..."

Inspirational Souls: Artists You Need to Know: Skye Amber Sweet 
"Skyepoet stands for my motto of ” A Random Sphere of Logical Babble”. This statement means that within our sphere (Our World) in which we borrow, that the random thought we babble can be in turn understood from one to another. It means everything I stand for is a plethora of everything mixed into a sphere that in the end is understood. It is hard to explain..."

OCFA Artist's Eye: Acrylic Poetry
"Inspiration for an artist is integral. It can come from a teacher, the world around you, the work you do outside of art. Four making their debut at he October 5th Artwork at Avantgarden Gallery ..."

Our Ever Changing World: Best of 2016, Art & Story: Through the Eyes of Artists: Skye Sweet included
"I believe that Artists are in some way Historians… that their work saves something from becoming forgotten...and changes lives and perspectives. This book series documents by the year—I tried other ways but yearly seems to work out best. The saying “Art examples Life” is very true..."

RAW:Las Vegas presents Sensory
"Live Video with Skye Amber Sweet AKA Skyepoet featured at the Las Vegas RAW Sensory Show at Fremont Country Club..."

Map of District C4 Utility Box Artists: David Ryu District
Councilmember David Ryu is sponsoring local artists to bring their art to the streets of CD4 by turning blank utility boxes into public...

Skyepoet: Don't Be a Chicken Inspiration
"Meet Skyepoet Giving hope, love and inspiration thru her art. Art has been a way to express her emotions, and over come some fears. Passionate about her work, she donates her art and time to create murals around the city..."

Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council: Utility Box Art
The Sherman Oaks Chamber Foundation has begun sponsoring art on the utility boxes in Sherman Oaks.  The first two utility boxes are complete.  Skye Amber Sweet painted the box on...

The Heroine’s Journey of Skye Amber Sweet
"I absolutely love being a full time artist and muralist because it allows me to stay home with my children and be creative at any time I feel I need to express.   I love to paint in many different styles and keep growing with experimentation and emotion..."

Diversions LA: Magic Muralist: Artist Skye Amber Sweet
"Although what she’s said above is poetic, and she also writes poetry, it would also be a mistake to view Sweet as anything other than what she is: an artist the way that we are all human – she breathes art and gifts it to those around her in a myriad of ways. And recently, one of those ways has been in the form of sweeping murals..."

The Art Gallery at GCC: Finalist Announcement
"The Glendale Community College Foundation and The Art Gallery @ GCC are pleased to present five finalists for our first GCC Public Art Competition:  Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Nancy Macko, Kim Marra, Skye Amber Sweet and Jill Sykes..."

L.A. Daily Newspaper: Where to find the coolest utility box murals popping up in the LA area
"The overall mood of the work by Silver Lake artist Skye Amber Sweet, who prides herself on painting with emotion and heart, is “overwhelming happiness...”

In the gallery:  The 2017 GCC Public Art Competition / In the library:  Brand + GCC, A Collaboration
"Join us for a visit with the five finalists for our competition, before the winner is announced. Vote for your favorite in the gallery before Tuesday, September 12th..."

Hawthorne CityCouncil Recap (April 25, 2017 Edition)
"Here's a quick recap of what happened in the City Council meeting of April 25, 2017..."

Skye Amber Sweet presented by RAW:Orange County
"Live Interview with Skye Amber Sweet AKA Skyepoet featured at the Orange County RAW Axis Show at Sharkeys in..."

Skyepoet: Don't Be a Chicken
"Personal live interview digging deep on what it takes to not be a chicken with artist and muralist, Skye Amber Sweet..."

YouTube: Inspirational Souls: LIVE Ep. #8 – Inspirational Artist – Skye Amber Sweet
"In this episode we talk to artist Skye Amber Sweet about all things art, how she prices art, promoting art, and the ups and downs of creating art for a living.....”

OCFA Artist's Eye: Skye's The Limit
"A prolific artist, Skye Henry, featured at Avantgarden this month, has seen her work scooped up by local patrons, displayed in Orange County businesses and enchanting visitors to Avantgarden. It is perhaps her irresistible combination of heart, expressiveness and subtly dark moments..."


Artist, Art & Story: Book 6: Best of 2016 Artist Art & Story
"We live our lives in stories...each moment brings us the special opportunity to make it more..."

OCFA Artist's Eye: Altars and Art
"Skye Henry sold two paintings (three for the week) including "Calm Heart" (to a first time collector), ..."

Downtown Walnut Creek Utility Box Art Wrap Project
"Whoever gave the 'go ahead' for the lovely/irreverent vinyl wraps that go around the utility boxes to hide the ugly metal tombstones our city needs to function was a GENIUS! I believe the application of those disguises was one of the past projects on the community day, so I know it takes a village to make it happen! Thank you to all involved..."

Diversions LA: Yes, Curate This 2, Too
"Always a treat, the group shows at The Gabba Gallery seem to pulse with more excitement every time. Curate This Part Deaux is no exception, with art -works created by some of Los Angeles’ top curators. Featuring something for virtually every artistic taste, the show takes viewers through a panopoly of vibrant, quintessentially LA art..." 

Hawthorne Community Television: City News
The city council members giveproclamations to three individuals including Skye Amber Sweet for their contribution to the city of Hawthorne..."