Egon Schiele, an Australian figurative painter from the twentieth century has been an immense inspiration of his.  Like Egon, Hawkins inspiring technique is that of his own intuition, opening the doors of opportunity to start the artistic process whether with pen, iPhone or dance.

“Egon Schiele taught me about the complexity and sensuality that a single line can bring and be enough of an impact visually.”- Billy Hawkins

Billy Hawkins is driven with unfiltered emotion transcribed into his pieces and is equally passionate about his love for dance.  His ultimate goal is to exhibit worldwide, sell art for a living, teach and have both his dance and art career brought to the same level of accomplishment.

“I've been training in urban dance/hip hop for almost 3 years and it has become apart of my life,  my culture, and my art too.”...“I would like to leave a legacy of extensive work and inspiration for others to follow and hopefully enjoy. I ultimately would like to breed creativity in others and allow them to find their passions, stick to it, and be as fierce as possible in the process.”- Billy Hawkins  

A world without art would not be a world at all and his goal is to converse and connect through art and education.  He chooses to interact with not only others but the experience and impact another has had through life and through artwork.  

“Art is ultimately the driving force of the entertainment industry, fashion, therapy, our everyday life. Not one person isn't affected by the arts in any way.”...”I think what we need more of in this world is awareness of ourselves and others. Currently with social media it's easier to be "in tune" with the world but it also desensitizes our experience socially. Basically drop your phone and connect with someone.” - Billy Hawkins  

Take in the lines and colors of Billy Hawkins art and feel the emotion that is broadcasted in a raw yet delicate way. There is much to see and question in every piece he creates and a sense of beauty and closeness draw you in.  Art is in the eye of the beholder but the beholder of his art seduces the eyes.  

Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet

Billy Hawkins is everything but ordinary and with his dynamic path he sets for himself he is unstoppable.  A performer, dancer and interdisciplinary visual artist, he only strives for good times and deep laughs in this life as what he says, of a biracial queer.   

The depth of the art work created is far more telling of stories of his personal and interpersonal portraits and performance. Hawkins nostalgia for events and feelings he has experienced or been witness to is the force that drives him to build stories into intriguing works of art.

“I see my art as a body & mind chronology. I look at my work and it reminds me of a specific feeling mentally and physically at the exact moment I made it.” - Billy Hawkins

Powerful and risque pieces are reflections of art within himself, pushing limits and provoking much thought to the existence of what it all means.

Hawkins was born an artist but did not take it seriously until he attended the University of North Carolina Greensboro. With the encouragement from his professors, friends and family he had the support to stick with his talents knowing he could make it a career.