"Beyond The Sea" with

​          Daniel Gilbreath

August 1st, 2016

The only thing bigger than the ocean is Daniel Gilbreath’s heart.  With so much kindness it is hard to believe his biggest fear in life is to leave this planet as though he had never existed.  With his caring and understanding nature, there is always a silver lining in his existence that inspires others.  To create happiness and joy is the wish of his inner being and he proves nothing less than inspirational in leading by example and teaching others to follow their dreams.  Truly creating is his purpose here on Earth and the center of who he is and his art could never be forgotten.

“My art “is” Me.  Every piece I create is a part of who I am.  Brightly colored; my art shows my happiness and joy in life.  Every piece has a story behind it or a reason why I painted it.  I see my art as a window to happy thoughts and or experiences throughout my life.  My art makes me smile, just for the sake of smiling.  I only want to share that feeling with the world.” – Daniel Gilbreath

While painting beautiful seascapes and bringing life to a simple jar of paintbrushes, Daniel sees more than just the beauty in objects and landscapes.  He truly believes that our world in which we live upon needs something more. 

“The world needs more love!  It needs more positivity than negativity.  Art can do just that.  Not only viewing art but also creating it can have a huge impact on a person in a positive way.  It changes the way the brain thinks and alters the chemistry in which it functions.  Art can create an inner happiness which can spread like a wild fire.” –Daniel Gilbreath

At the age of 9, Daniel stumbled upon a drawing his mother did.  Inspired by her artistic talent enhancing creative curiosity, he was determined to be able to draw just like her. 

“She set me down at the kitchen table and placed an apple in the middle of the table. “Draw what you see.” She told me.  “Don’t draw the apple, but draw what you see.”   After a few tries, I did it.” – Daniel Gilbreath

His passion for art spread rapidly and consistently once realizing where to begin that he created the opportunity to move forward with his art.  Although Daniel stays true to traditional realism, he creates abstract twists through his variations of vibrant color.  He had learned how to use the use of light and shadows to illustrate from his favorite artist Dali.  Daniel was inspired to look at light and paint light in different ways while looking to Voka to understanding colors and the use of color tone.  Daniel is known for traditional still life and seascapes that quickly morph into beautiful arrays of color and life.   

“Color is really the only thing that stands out to me in life so I would like to share how I see the world.” -Daniel Gilbreath

Daniel not only paints beauty in our world, but also is passionate about photography and drawing.  While directing his brush through the grains in the canvas, he also loves being a film director and being creative.

“I love creative thinking and putting projects together, even if I’m only helping with someone else’s idea.  Happiness and creativity are my life’s passions.   I also enjoy Quantum Theory, Quantum Mechanics and Astrophysics, but that’s just for fun.” - Daniel Gilbreath

With so much passion for happiness, joy and creativity, it is only natural that Daniel would have many goals.  He strives to make a living as a full time artist, participate as a solo artist in a Gallery and eventually owning a gallery to showcase emerging artists.  A giver by nature, he truly cares for growth of other artists.

“The third goal of mine is to own a gallery that showcases up and coming artists trying to make a name for themselves.  I also want this gallery to help with marketing artist’s careers and also to teach young artists as they grow and find their own path.” - Daniel Gilbreath

The birth of art in culture truly ties us to the earth and those surrounded by it.  Not only does Daniel aspire to large goals that help growth of other creators, he has strong opinions of what art brings to our world and what a world without art would be like.   So what would the world be like full of art?

“It would be beautiful! It would be diverse and understanding of others.  If the world had no art, there would be no creativity.  Problems wouldn’t get solved and the world as we know it would end. Art and creativity is extremely important to our way of life.  If there is no art there can not be life.” – Daniel Gilbreath

Daniel Gilbreath looks beyond the sea where there is passion and hope for all.  He feels the beauty and shares it through his paintbrush and we can most certainly feel his heart.  A world without artists such as he would be a world without love.

​​Written By Skye Amber Sweet 
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet​