Creation and innovation reflects the inner light of Echo Lew: an artistic inventor who combines light and movement displaying pure genius through photographs. If an imprint in time can be changed using a digital camera and long exposure, surely an artist who’s soul reflecting peace through art can be looked upon with sophistication it its lines.

Echo Lew migrated to the United States from Taiwan in 1983 and resides currently in LA County in the peaceful town of Diamond Bar, California. Echo practices Zen meditation and is a Buddhist in reflection with the world and everything in it.  When he leaves this world he wants to leave it sharing his works of art that reflects his inner soul.

“I believe that art could make the world more human and awaken the people’s spirit from the material world.  I wish art could get into the life of every human being. In other words, everyone would appreciate art and let it be part of one’s life. “ –Echo Lew

Being a vegetarian for over 30 years and a lover of all worlds’ creations, Echo has a deep connection with trees, our Earth and its animals. Truly, he is an artist that is full of love and while taking beauty in through his environment; he also shares it knowing it is his opportunity to be here on Earth.

Living on the countryside of Taiwan as a little boy, Echo had to lead a cow out to find grass each day. He would sit on the ground while the cow grazed on grass and make drawings in the dirt arranging natural materials.  He would watch while dreaming of attending college and studying art.  But due to the love from his parents and the opportunity given for a good education, Echo studied what his parents thought to be more practical for the long run.  

“I obeyed, studying navigation for the merchant marine, but admit I skipped most my other classes to practice artworks at the Student Art Club, where I spent more time in studio than students who were taking that degree.  At age 22, my work was selected to “Taiwan National Art Exhibition”, the national most prestige art competition in Taiwan as a self­ taught artist.” – Echo Lew

The light drawings and what Echo calls “Light Drawing in the Space” or his “Dancing with Lights” are inspired by the art of Jackson Pollock and Cy Twombly.  Echo had invented his own “Light Drawing” similar to the techniques in their paintings, which were composed with, spontaneous actions and performances traced in time.  Although the technique was originated in 1914 by Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, Lew has taken it to an astonishing level untouchable in the art industry.  Not only does Echo produce art using light, he also paints vibrant works of art and draws real life.

Echo Lew is inventive and his art captures the eye. With signature works of art that truly touch your soul, looking deep is contagious and disperses peace into the universe to share with the world.  Without art in the world, Echo shares he would rather die and without the art of Echo Lew, the world would lack a bit more life. 


Written By Skye Amber Sweet 
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet​