The energy shared within the universe is not ours alone but with the vicissitude of all that is ever morphing is the adventure in time and everything in between it. Having the keen sense of knowing the difference is what makes artist Scott A. Trimble a player in chance of playing in the universe’s energy. While he enjoys the discovery he also does his best to enrich it and he knows that in doing so, he is simply borrowing it.

“The law of energy conservation holds that the amount of energy in the universe is not fixed; energy is neither created nor destroyed, just continually transformed” – Scott A. Trimble 

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As a boy, Trimble would play the guitar and would fantasize about life as a musician, although he lacked the confidence to get up on stage to play. He also read voraciously, his eyes happily devouring words everywhere, (even the back of a cereal box during breakfast or shampoo bottles while bathing). His love of reading sparked a strong desire to write, and for many years he aimed to be a writer.

“I always knew where things were headed when I sat down to write, though, so I took up painting in search of injecting some surprise into my life. I found it and fell in love with thick oil paint.” – Scott A. Trimble

Empathy and tolerance is what is to be wished upon in the reasoning of wanting more art in the world. Trimble believes that both come naturally when two people share a positive experience. Art helps foster both by opening people’s eyes to viewpoints he believes they might have previously missed.

Scott A. Trimble is interested deeply in memories and while the curiosity of others stories intrigues him, he includes in his fascination his own and the feelings that they transpose with the real world. Memories are infinitively accumulated from films, books and art from past to present along with the reminiscence of dreams and daydreams. The stories others have told him of their own memories throughout life have also influenced a mental acquisitiveness of all the layers.

“I like the overlapping. It reflects my view of a kinship among humankind, of shared and known experiences in the universal thought pool. I replicate that with my paintings. I paint without preconception so as to mine that field. I herd the paint into images that together form a knowable yet wordless sensation.” – Scott A. Trimble

The art that Scott creates is not only brilliant in its delivery to the senses but it lacks nothing short of superior in the art world. With balancing hues and nostalgia in the shapes of the images he paints, you can fall into the painting as if his surrealism becomes real life.

“I approach the canvas with my mind off, listening to music, (I like Brian Jonestown Massacre) and simply let my eyes and hand work together. I leave my brain out of the process for the first few hours. I like to carve figures out of the background. I like to fish for images. I am a fisher of images. I tell very short stories...pocket narratives.” – Scott A. Trimble

Trimble has a very intuitive way of searching for the past and incorporating it into his paintings. His art tells stories where the outcome of the emotions comfort and offers a “pinch” to wake up safe in our lives. He hopes to help change the world with his art and has a beautiful mind and heart in doing so. A world with art in it is tolerable and happy and much more improved then without it.

“I aspire to help people feel less fearful, less alienated, less isolated. My goal is to present a world that can be scary but not threatening, serious and smart-ass, silly and hilarious, wishful and caring, thought-filled and loving, and even dumb in a smart funny and informative way. I want people to stop worrying.” – Scott A. Trimble

An artist that is fond of making things in life a little bit dreamier is what we need in these current times. He is passionate about making the difference and also finds inspiration from his wife and two sons. Being able to share his life with them and simpler things make everything more exciting. Trimble can celebrate with food and drink and laughter making new memories with the ones he loves and giving him new reasons to create.

Picasso is an admirable figure and is highly admired by Scott. He also loves Edvard Munch, Bertrand Russell, Bjork, Sterling Hayden, Peggy Guggenheim, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Henry Miller and Jean-Luc Godard but is most influenced by storytellers, their stories and biographies.

“For many years I had a rule that I must always be in the middle of a book about Picasso. I appreciate that he was able to live life precisely how he wanted to live it, whereas most people, myself included must make so many compromises.” – Scott A. Trimble

Most importantly, Scott Trimble is a passionate painter. He takes memories both isolated and communal and is able to provoke feeling and emotion in a nostalgic way that can be interpreted in many ways. He isn’t the artist he is to become famous nor does he focus on casting all the votes through his art. What he does do is make people want to paint better and be more insightful within their own creations.

“Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha didn't get 100% of the popular vote, so I don't worry much about popularity. I look to enjoy myself. I like to paint.” – Scott A. Trimble

Create new memories and share them with the world.  Our power in the past and our intuition into the future will determine the presence in the playground of universal energy.

Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet