David was committed to his offer and hand colored in work for Louis unknowingly entering the artistic realm of the comic book business.  

“Louis Small Jr. had me color all his early pin ups and posters which lead the way to getting coloring jobs with some small press companies like Sanctuary Press, XENYA #1, One Shot Press, Midnight Quickies Cover and Trading Cards and Blackout Comics: Dual Cover which was penciled by Gene Colon!”

These were great opportunities that David never thought he would have. For a long while he stopped creating as life tends to get in the way like that but recently invested into doing the very thing he loves to do! For him, there was no better feeling than to doing what he loved in creation and sharing it with the admirers that appreciate his talents and efforts.  

The world we live in is constant and ever going twenty-four hours a day and seven day a week.  Staying connected around the clock is of great urgency in these times and many feel if they do not stay connected on technology they may miss out on something.

“The world needs to chill out and relax more ...It’s creating too much stress!  Social media has created a world where we do all our battles in a text or an online post of some kind. I know it’s not going to change but if that's the case we need to learn how to engage each other again in actual conversations and be able to debate ideas without cutting ties with others and friends because we are not on the same page. The world needs to learn how to "Agree to Disagree " all over again.”

Not only does David believe in reinstating closeness between humankind, he believes that art can also be a segway into therapy and healing.  Art can be medicine to the artist or the viewer and is a universal part of the Human existence.  Art has been shared from the beginning of mankind and is in true form as an expression of one’s true self.  Whether creating or critiquing, it draws you in and makes you think while helping you escape long enough from reality to decide if you love it or hate it.   

“Art, whether you're the Artist or observer is in each and every one of us . It connects us all even when everything else is pulling us apart.  As humans, we did this on cave walls before the first language was put to text. Art is something within ourselves we bring out to share with the world.  A world without art would be cold and emotionless, stale and sterile and the good thing is that's not so ... art is everywhere.  It's in everything we see and everything we touch. Art shows us that we can express ourselves through creativity and through that creativity we hope to inspire people to believe that anything is possible.”

David has never been a goal oriented person and he has been told often that that was a bad thing.  However when creating his goal is to show order in his art keeping things simple while at the same time, bold and colorful.  He sees his art as an extension of himself, a part of him on paper or canvas and a moment in time showing one of many facets of who he is. Art has been that of a connection to the world and rumor has it his art is spreading to the listening ear of other artists and viewers.

“I would have to say that if I meet people on the street and told them what I do that somehow they would know exactly who I am because they saw my art. That has happened to me last year...I started talking to another artist from DC at a convention and as soon as she heard my name she said "I know who you are, your name came up in our office".  I was stunned because I haven't been doing a lot of work recently and years went by between then and now. Best thing about it is now I have another great artist friend in my circle!”         

There are so many artists that influence David such as Boris Vallejo, Vargas, Nagel, Olivia de Berardinis, Joe Jusko and Louis Small Jr. and even though all these artists are great, Louis Small Jr. has been the biggest inspiration having worked with him for so long.

“He has always cheered me on and given me positive support along the way, always sharing opportunities with me and helps me believe in myself. I have always had art in my blood but Louis helped me do what I do in the Comic Business. I'm forever grateful for that!”

David Sorensen doesn’t believe that he has any specialty techniques used in his art unless using airbrush gently over light markers.  The goal in the end result is to do a good job and do his best in whatever medium he is using.  He feels he is still learning and there is lots of talent doing great stuff around him he can watch and learn from what they do.  He is passionate about learning and honing his craft while enjoying other things such as history and science.  

“I love learning about our past, famous people and events that helped change the world. To learn who and what we are and why we are is very interesting.  I love learning about science  and the reason things are the way they are and so forth.  I'm a huge PC Gamer although I had to pull back quite a bit lol. Also,I love a good movie especially Sci Fi movies and of course the Super hero movies.”

Changing the world starts from the small things in life and with ourselves.  It may be the simple expressions from art or connecting on a bigger level with others.  David Sorensen is a kind artist, curious of humankind and closeness and humble in continuing to learn from others around him.  

​​Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet​

David Sorensen has always felt he was one outside the box and at times he was lost not knowing where the box was in the first place. While thinking outside can be positive, losing the destination can be wearing.  The good and detrimental place in where you need to be at the moment you need to be in it is crucial.  A divorced father of five and a tourist to the world where his children live a far with their mother in the Seattle area only gave more strength to giving the best that he can be in what he knows the best.  To love one’s so close is a bummer in his eyes to not be within close range but the inspiration he gathers from moments only makes him strive. There is a light at the beginning of the tunnel where all will bloom and change.

“I'm a very creative person. I have pursued that part of myself since grade school and it has lead me to be able to meet great friends and do cool things along the way, especially in the comic business. When I'm doing art or something creative, I am close to being the best me I can be. I like to help people especially my friends and sometimes more than I should and I forget about myself.”

Sometimes forgetting about oneself is the epiphany of an over empath and people pleaser.  It is easy to be the wingman or the guy that has your back in any situation by David is more that that. He genuinely cares and through his heart grows the best of intentions in everything he does.  

“If there is something to be remembered for, it is that I have always tried to do the right thing.  I have tried to be open, honest and sincere to people.  For those I liked, you know I wasn’t giving lightly and for those I loved, only a few know I do not give love very easily.  I was never very good in describing me but am more than I have become.”

David Sorensen has been a creative longer than he can remember.  Growing up, he would paint his toy soldiers and paint them as they were on the table as he saw.  His mother would buy him coloring books as a child teaching him to color within the lines unlike the comic books he loved where the print was meticulous in the linings of every artistic adventure.

“I went to a convention in New york somewhere around 1992 where I saw ‘Artists Alley’! Wow!... all this great talent running around . My drawing skills were so-so and it was very intimidating to see how talented these people were. Still, I thought, “I want to do this!  Later that day I met Louis Small Jr., a comic book artist,  and I told him I'd color in his black and white pin-ups. Now, this is back when only pencilers and inkers were selling artwork or prints; not colorists. If there was, it was less than a handful.”