Robbie Kaye was born in Brooklyn, New York and is a multi-faceted artist with intriguing dimension. She has multiple strains of art in her creative being that include music, writing, painting and photography. While these are the reflection of her at different times, the need for variation is key to her artistic adventure. At five years old she attended “Sleep Away Camp” where she enjoyed various activities.  Her favorite however was arts and crafts and this is where the love for the arts began.

“I have a wanderlust for art and life… it’s obvious that I never left that arts and crafts room at camp.  I was always excited to walk into the room and think, “Ooh, what will I make today?” There were no words to misinterpret or feelings to be hurt, just an innocent exchange between me and the creation, which can’t be labeled good or bad.  Naturally, it feels good when a viewer of my art is complimentary… but because I feel that the act of creating is essential to my being, I can feel fulfilled just by doing it and sometimes a little naive about what someone else might see. I love when a piece of mine is interpreted by another because then we are truly collaborating. And I believe it is a collaboration between the listener or the viewer.” – Robbie Kaye

There was also a piano in her bunk that encouraged musical influence in her expression through art and music. She began playing the piano at the age of seven.  Her grandmother took her to see “The Sound of Music” and it was then that she knew that she had to continue playing music and singing.

“When I was 16, I wrote my first song. It was the beginning of many years to follow for journaling my life through song. Playing the piano and writing songs was my refuge, my escape from loneliness and angst. Later in life, I would transfer what I learned about composition to photography, which also became something for me to turn to and find expression and because I feel that a large part of my purpose in life is to insert beauty, I take many photographs of it and share it.” – Robbie Kaye

Robbie is influenced by everything around her including the old and used.  She creates beautiful pieces of art using “re-cycled” motorcycle tires.  She believes like all things, that they have a story and have been on adventures that capture nostalgic moments in time.  These wheels have traveled thousands of miles and have stories that she can imprint on canvas. Recently, she combines her love for photography with those paintings creating designs on silk that is not only art people love, but also could wear.  Her compilation of artistic abilities make her art stand out and ever changing.

“In mixed media, I use well-traveled motorcycle tires and acrylic paint to create my pieces. In photography, I like to photograph these images in black and white to create a noir-like ambience… I think the lack of color increases the intensity and opens up the narrative of a given subject.” – Robbie Kaye

Mixed media is not only in her art but also in her love for all things.  Her influences come from her love of nature and animals to being passionate about fairness and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.  Inspiration thrives from love, the snow and being able to create healing.  She is an advocate for the elders in society and the people unnoticed.  She finds that recognition is needed in helping make people visible so that they can shine just a little bit more.

“I love championing others so they can achieve their goals and dreams. I am passionate about depth and connection and authenticity.” – Robbie Kaye

Georgia O’Keeffe is one of Robbie’s favorite artists and viewing her work gave her permission to expand her own. She loved O’Keeffe’s “I don’t give a shit what you think” attitude coupled with her vibrant colors, risk taking and big strokes.  This state of power in her being opened up her world artistically.

“I took more risks too, in photography and explored the narrative aspect of it.  And I’m sure Georgia O’Keeffe had something to do with the creation of “Treads” and painting with used tires and many colors or not.” – Robbie Kaye 

Robbie’s goals in life are to share as much as possible before she dies. She yearns to impact others with her creations and inviting the looker to pause and contemplate the meaning.  To be able to invite people to look deep and see themselves in her art is important with the hope that in seeing themselves in a way that “feels” or needs to “feel”. Her hope when she leaves here is to leave her mark from all that she has created and all that might have inspired.

“Inside, I am everyone and everything… and like a roulette wheel, I am ever changing, unpredictable, restless and excited to see and share everything in life… through photographs, paintings, words and music. That is my best form of communication and expression. I hope that when I leave I will have touched many lives, with encouragement and love, with inspiration and support.  I hope the art I create, will somehow live on… and provoke thought and joy in people…and a reassurance that they are not alone on their path… and that everything is possible.”- Robbie Kaye

The world needs more exposure to the beauty of nature and being a part of it and in it. Robbie believes that it could relieve the angst and worry and make people more tolerant of each other. This is one reason she photographs so many trees, sunsets and sunrises and paints things that emulate nature.  She truly believes that art can heal and connect people.

“I believe the world needs more reminders of the beauty in it. Perhaps that beauty could be an anti-dote to all the craziness sometimes… something that just takes you in and makes you feel good, like beautiful vibrant colors, or something more subtle and peaceful like a monochromatic image or painting. I want to offer refuge; the way art has been a refuge for me and continues to fulfill me in ways that are sometimes unexplainable. I can leave wherever I am, without physically leaving…a creative vacation.”- Robbie Kaye

There isn’t a way to imagine a world without art and it’s hard to ignore with the mass amount of art in nature already surrounding her.  Walking in the woods invites museums of trees and clouds on stormy days. Having an opportunity to be surrounded in art and not having the chance to experience it is something that Robbie cannot see for the innocent.

“Art is all around us, whether we produce it or not…thanks to Mother Nature.”  “Art is a great healer and instrument for expression and it makes me sad that children are being deprived of that very important expression in public schools. So hopefully, they are engaging in that kind of expression at home. As I said before, there is something very freeing about expressing oneself through art…it is unconditional. And even when we create something that we don’t love… the act of it, is something that can still be loved and purposeful.” – Robbie Kaye

There is something to be said about an artist that cares so much about the beauty in the using art to help others experience an inner connection with artistic beauty.  Robbie Kaye is an artist whose has a strong heart and sense of promoting everything positive.  In doing so she helps others grow with her art and her gift for everything beautiful. Her love of nature and all things tells a story of empathy to all and helps change the world a little bit every day.    

Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet