An artist to the core and a prolific one at that, Michael Chomick discovered in his late twenties that he was a fine artist. Even though he had been drawing since the age of twelve, he did not embrace the concept of what a fine artist was until the age of twenty eight. Realizing his evolving talents and intuitiveness through his creations he has been consumed with being an artist ever since.  With high hopes of leaving a lasting legacy to the world, he wishes to be remembered  as a thought provoking artist that produced poignant works that foster critical thinking.

“I became a fine artist on Thursday afternoon, August 28th 1986. This is the day that I observe every year as “My Day of Redemption". This is the day that I was laid off from my two and a half year employment as an Editorial Artist for a small local newspaper in Florida. For me, 1986 was a year of life changing experiences. Besides being laid off my commercial art job, also earlier that year a young lady that I was head-over-heels in love with broke off our 2 1/2 year relationship. With no job and a broken heart I decided to start expressing the pain from within in a more tangible form in a futile attempt to win her back. Little did I know that I was embarking an artistic journey that has maintained my sanity for 30 years and counting.” - Michael Chomick

Michael finds inspiration from many areas in his life and there are a few artists he includes that have helped inspire him to be thought provoking in his creations.  He believes that the creative thinkers such as Edward Kienholz, Lyn Floukes and James Kerry Marshall have been influential artists he admires.  One of the most powerful works of art that has been impactful was an installation titled: "5 Car Stud” created by artist, Edward Kienholz. The amount of depth in his works like Michaels tells stories to ponder with broad statements one can fine tune in thought.

“For me, I strongly believe in works that are statement driven.  Artists that have the need to shed light on issues and concerns that affect societies I solemnly relate to for they are defining and documenting these times that are relevant to our lives. Adding to the discourse through their works that will manifest themselves into a populace of critical thinkers and activists.” - Michael Chomick

For three decades, Michael has produced works not only in mixed media but in figurative drawings using ink and graphite but mural sized oil paintings.  His art includes small and large pieces all in which are spontaneous in nature, vibrant and carries an artistic voice.  

“Through these works I address issues such as: the horrific perpetuation of war (Cypher), racism and drug abuse in America (Doghouse) and to the idealist dreams and hopes of young boy juxtapose to the reality of his adulthood (Bob’s Annunciation: That his pants ain’t square but rather, cool).”  -Michael Chomick

When constructing his mixed media pieces, Michael starts with the use of found objects or that of familiarity in his surroundings. This is his signature technique.  There is an everyday element sewn into his pieces that allow the viewer to approach it intimately giving recognizability of the meaning once revealed. In doing so there is much to consider and the goal of continuing his quest to provoke the senses and thought add to the discourse which leads others to develop into critical thinkers.

“A world without thought-provoking art would transform a dumb society into one of critical thinkers.  A society that would not be afraid to challenge the status quo and question it rather that be unconditionally forced fed what the powers-to-be thrown at us.” - Michael Chomick

Michael Chomick is a strong believer in changing the world by changing the thought process.  He hopes to continue his passion and do so having his art works collected and exhibited in major contemporary art museums domestic and abroad. He finds passion in many things but also prefers to focus on a few areas of interest than being scattered with multiple ones. 

“Besides being a thought-provoking artist and the world that it entails the next major area of interest to me is traveling the world to experience the arts, culture, cuisine, etc. Traveling 2-3 times a year for enjoyment and inspiration is extremely important to me. A recent trip to Peru with visits to Cusco, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu this past May was one of my all time favorite experiences. Next with be my 4th annual visit to Tokyo, Japan come this fall.” - Michael Chomick

There is much to be said in art that has endless depths and facets to process.  The art Michael Chomick creates bends rules and questions its viewers  allowing emotions to morph into a vivid thought process that becomes a powerful statement.

​Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet