Who would think that the city of Los Angeles would give inspiration to so many with its towering skyscrapers and miles of traffic? Artist and photographer Jared Fortunato does just that.  He sees beauty in the city he loves and makes his home while transcribing emotions of such things into the pieces he creates.  

Nature is the healer of many things from the way the wind guides us to where the ocean takes us in our thoughts.  A serene connection where possibilities are abundant and dreams are too many to count.  

“My art reflects my love of nature. It reveals the delicate beauty I find in my environment. I see my work as a sort of portal into another way of understanding myself and the world. It helps me connect what I feel and gives it expression in the larger world.”

Jared currently is working on completing his Masters Degree of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University while working as an educator at The Oaks Private School.  He is passionate about creating impactful ways to develop curriculum  for his fourth graders along with serving on the school’s inclusion and cultural awareness committee.  He is part of an enrichment program teaching students digital arts and being a mentor in artistic creation.  Children learn from their curiosity and openness in imagination the same way that Jared had when he first began his artistic adventure.tial power in the art world.  There is nothing more beautiful than being confident in emotion and being to be able to create and share a truth in a healing voice through art.

“I first started taking pictures with an old plastic camera my parents gave me as a kid. Years, careers and relationships later, I realized I was missing something from my life. A friend suggested a photography class at a local university. That was 5 years ago, and I never looked back.”

Art is the essential function of being human and to imagine a world without art would never make sense. Jared believes that art provides space, perspective and connection.  He believes that it is the very thing that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

“Art brings about understanding on a personal and universal level, which can have transformative effects both internally and in the world.” “ I want to continue making powerful pieces that change how people perceive themselves and the world around them. I want to offer an experience of transcendence, by bringing forth images that promote reflection, introspection, and healing.”

There are many artists and people that have inspired and influenced Jared in his life and he has much passion shared in his works, with his friends and even in his little garden. His biggest technique has been his willingness to open himself up to possibilities to see with his eyes and his heart and leave a stamp of emotion.  He has allowed himself with this to continuously try new things even if he fails.

The pieces that he has presented was curated from a selection of larger body of work entitled “Transcriptions” which proved his special technique to simply work.  Each piece is as he is looking through the mirror into the soul of his body and mind.              

“Each images is a photographic self portrait, and serves as a document, or ‘transcript’ of a moment from my life. I use the self-portrait to explore the connection between my environment and my emotional world. The photograph acts as a story, created from meticulous digital construction from upwards of a dozen original sources. I take elements from nature to symbolize events and experiences that I think are imprinted on my mind and body, much like a tattoo leaves a permanent mark. I use the work to delve into ideas related to memory, perception, and emotion, exploring the universality of these themes within the intimate nature of each piece. My work bridges the space between the personal and the universal, creating moments of internal reflection, pause and meditation in the viewer.”

Jared Fortunato is a special artist and has trust in the process and within himself making him a very influential power in the art world.  There is nothing more beautiful than being confident in emotion and being able to create and share a truth in a healing voice through art.

​​Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet​