Who is Skye Amber Sweet?


"I find that paint and stretched canvas are made for better company.  Paint runs through my veins, across my heart and trails to my fingertips transcribing emotion from brush to canvas. I am a Random Sphere of Logical Babble."  - Skye Amber Sweet

Skye Amber Sweet was born Skye Amber Henry before marriage and was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1980.   She then moved to Hawaii where she was raised by her parents and by her love of the beach she calls her own.  Skye's mother Mai Le is a still life and portrait artist while her father designed beautiful pieces of art and jewelry out of wood on his days off.  Since she was eight, Skye wanted to change the world and wanted to help others see the inner being of who they are. She believes in the heart and with the heart there can be beauty in everything if we are loving and kind.  To this day, she paints in hopes to share love, peace, hope...now to the viewers of her art and her artist community. 

Skye's art is emotional and raw showcasing her emotions and transcribing it into her canvases and murals for all to see.  There is an unintended process to her art that cannot be explained but felt.  With Light and dark moments and events in her life, she has learned to let her heart self sooth in creating an expressive flow of paint whether happy or sad, angry or content.   There is no style of work that she creates for she paints what she wants when she wants without an outline of what it will be. This is what makes her free. 

Skye founded Skyepoet in 2007 to help share art and other artists.  She believes that sharing is caring and we are all in it together in this world.  She donates murals to her surrounding community and involves locals to take part in her projects.  Currently her company offers commissioned murals, original fine art, art rentals and artist mentoring.  Her sister website SkyepoetCommunity.com supports her featured artists that she writes about giving them a platform that shares their art, news and exhibits.