There is a story to be told in all beings and Cathy uses her own and stories of others in her practices when carving blocks.  She puts in the work reading, listening and researching to find connections then make her work convey a meaning while pushing the limits technically.

“Each block carries forth to the next continuing my story marking my woodblock figures in the way we tattoo our bodies. It is personal yet universal and in my way I try to connect us by addressing issues that matter such as peace, gun control, our earth, social justice and the human condition.” - Cathy Weiss

Cathy has a special way that she carves and prints her woodblock figures and her signature technique is the usage of the color blue.  You can find it in almost every piece of work she shares with the world. There is a sense of peace and empathy that is transcribed into her pieces, individually telling stories and a world without her art would be at a loss.

“I can’t imagine a world without art. In some languages there is no word for art as it’s just an integral part of life. Making things, being creative, is a daily experience. If all children had art integrated into the curriculum it would become just that, a daily part of life not an extracurricular activity. I think society would transform, you would see happier people, with more love and empathy and it would change our world. People would feel connected.” -Cathy Weiss

There is so much empathy and compassion from such a beautiful artist.  She believes that the most vulnerable are the children in this world and is committed to making a difference through her art and the relationships with people she meets.

“I have the opportunity to help children see their worth and give them the tools to think creatively and have empathy towards others is one the most important things I do. The world needs love and understanding. Through art we can feel joy, anger, empathy and develop understanding for others, their struggles, hopes and desires. Only with proximity can we truly help. Art can also make us feel happy. Art can help people gain confidence and give them the ability to think creatively. With this they can keep working to help others.” - Cathy Weiss

Like the love for what she does, the love for humanity and the people in it,  she loves so many things in life.  Her family and friends inspire her, having people over for dinners and just being home with the people she loves.  She has two beautiful dogs, Georgia and Maisie and loves to read and learn about new ideas, people who make a difference and all the while help change our world!

It is human beings like Cathy Weiss who share beauty and understanding. With her strength in communicating with people around her and the love for all, she is already on the path to making a difference.

Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet

Cathy Weiss grew up amongst strong, creative women.  Her mother was artistic in her crafts from making clothing for her children to refinishing the cupboards in their home kitchen.  A creative soul like her grandmother, Cathy looked up to her mother and was blessed with the presence of painting and drawing growing up.  This was a family surrounded by artists.  When she was ten years old her brother married an artist and together they would take her to museums and draw with her.  This path had been set forth building a bright future for Cathy as she knew she would be a creator in her own life and future.

“ The feelings I had creating gave me a sense of self, as I was a painfully shy child.” - Cathy Weiss

One of the most influential artists in Cathy’s life is Kathe Kollwitz.  Not only was her art passionate but she spoke to the human condition inspiring Cathy to create pieces about humanity, social justice and our Earth.  She aspires to help bring awareness leading to starting conversations started in hopes to understand and find solutions about the time we currently live in.

“My goal is to make work that starts conversations. I hope to always challenge myself both by pushing the boundaries of my medium as well as finding new ways to connect to community through my work. My work transcends from the studio to the public and back again.” - Cathy Weiss