Memories in photography are stamped in time by color and movement.  While not being able to find her way forward and with nostalgia at bey, movement was all Lorraine Pasqualini needed to leave her artistic drought behind. Having pushed away a vital part of herself, Lorraine’s second chance at exploring her artistic nature was reborn and the fundamental part of her inner being, restored.  

Pasqualini has always been immersed in the arts. At seven years old, her aunt;  head wardrobe mistress, introduced her to live theatre.  This is where she found her place watching the expression of magic and life within the space between the theatre walls.  The comfort from her surroundings and the experiences would travel with her for the rest of her life giving her a safe refuge and hope for a better life.  Finding the arts would rescue her through traumatic moments  and supply peace for the future.  

“I found myself writing short stories and poetry, designing and sewing my dolls clothes, choreographing dance routines in highschool and dreaming of art...heaven!  This is what touched my soul!”  -Lorraine Pasqualini

Like anything creative, theatre, painting and photography can be quite provoking leaving something more behind in the after thoughts of the mind and heart.  In being surrounded by so much mental and emotional influences from the theatrical arts, Lorraine became her own and in her own became an artist. Who is Lorraine Pasqualini?

“I am an artist.  If someone is inspired, awakened, amused, pissed off, invites conversation or just left wondering about something, then I have done my job as an artist.” -Lorraine Pasqualini

Besides growing up with art and culture as a little girl, Pasqualini found inspiration in anothers art.  The artist that left an imprint and influenced her in the art world came soon enough as she entered a realization of what art inspired her.

“The first time I saw one of Chris Friel’s photographs, I was in awe, the same way I was in awe when my aunt took me to my first theatrical show.  This was my awakening six years ago.  In past years, I had painted, written, designed, choreographed, acted, tried to sing, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! But now here is photography in a way that spoke to me.  I’d always been fascinated by photography and took my share of photos over the years like anyone else.  When I saw Chris Friel’s use of tilt-shift lens, I knew I found my new passion.”  -Lorraine Pasqualini

Being influenced with the arts at a young age and being drawn to the unique emotions from other arts and photography, she honed her own style and techniques in manipulating realism.  Each breathtaking photograph is known for leaving an imprint into the viewers soul.  Although just a photograph to most, the layers that are underlined by the movement and light bring much discussion at the local galleries in southern California.

Lorraine Pasqualini currently produces singularly unique and raw photography.  The constant movement of life and her camera produce new ideas while tweaking perceptions.  The planning, moving and zooming of her camera captures shapes and creates movement in her photographs.  The before seen is changed with these techniques and  brings a bit more to the eye than what may have been seen before.  To create what Lorraine does naturally, some look to photoshop and other filtered programs to enhance the beauty of their photos. But her love of the freedom of the camera to shoot what captures her own imagination sets her apart from the rest.

“I am fascinated by the manipulation of light and movement to create a deconstructed image. The fascination speaks to my observations that there is always more than what meets the eye,  Take a look deeper, behind, besides, around and beyond.”  -Lorraine Pasqualini

Lorraine has her own passions in life besides art.  Lorraine was  born in Italy only to migrate at a young age to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before ending up in southern California for most of her life.  She has always been  surrounded by the arts and culture where ever she landed.   It is only natural she stays true to her Italian heritage and Pittsburgh culture in having a passion and love for food.  But the biggest passion for Pasqualini is keeping close relationships with her family and friends and staying connected to her community and our planet.  She considers her relationships the best inspiration and passion that fuels motivation for her art which is her world.

“When all's said and done, it’s all about the love.” -Lorraine Pasqualini

Like her passion in her relationships, her thoughts on what she thinks the world needs more of and how can art help were motivating.  She discusses ideas of what would make our society a better place and how art truly is a connection between all things and situations.

“Art brings people together in times of celebration and devastation.  A song can lift your spirits, a painting can bring you to tears, a photo can steer you towards civic action, a sculpture can bring you to a new awareness, a dance can take your breath away and a poem can lead you to another world from yours.”  -Lorraine Pasqualini

Her passion branches out not only to her people close, but in hopes that one day soon our society will connect in finding ways to bring back the arts into all of our schools.   Learning culture and the arts at a young age could be the key to changing our world.

“For some children, being exposed to art in school may be the only opportunity they’ll ever have to express themselves through art and find their artistic calling.”
 -Lorraine Pasqualini

Lorraine Pasqualini is the future in hope and love.  It shows through her photography, capturing the soul within the beauty.  We could all follow the sequence in experiences looking deeper in our surroundings.  Pasqualini brings the passion to the surface while stamping memories leading into our future

​Written By Skye Amber Sweet 
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet