Power comes in all forms through strength, quantity, size and following. Most power brought in our world seems to fall short of hope and reside in the negative take over of our majestic egos.  But to be powerful means to take time and pause awake, within our lines and stand still where all you can feel is light.

LaChele Claypool exudes power in the most selfless manner and examines the existence of people around her.  With her love and understanding of both dark and light within us all, she empowers others with a sense of hope in her presence and with her photography. She believes that everything is connected in life with her art, and she states her passions for people and for herself.

“A huge passion of mine is to create self love in people, show them their beauty and show people the beautiful things in the everyday world they might have started to look pass.  I also have a passion for making music although with my intense focus is on my photography. I don’t do more with it than a personal service to myself and my own heart.“ – LaChele Claypool

LaChele was born in the small town of Snyder, Oklahoma before moving to Los Angeles later in life.  In Kindergarten, she started ballet and loved dancing and spinning while in fourth grade focused on writing.  But the true beginning of her creative talent and life changing ideas started after seeing a photo her father shared.

“My father showed me a photo of my mother pouring tears, high on acid, realizing she was four months pregnant with me.  The power of that photo sparked a desire to capture moments and create things that exist that others may not see on their own. “ – LaChele Claypool

This is where she realized her dream of photography and capturing the interiors of one’s soul.  Although LaChele put her dream on hold until later days, she knew at that moment, that this was her life’s path. 

Nine Inch Nails also played a huge part in the influence of photography in art with their industrial sound and creative layers.   Although an industrial band, she thought of them as more of a perpetual experiment piece.

“They have many layers from visuals to the content of the music, each part pinnacle in the reception of the piece, the influence and the delivery.  If you look at the imagery used within videos, live shows, and album art you can see a heavy influence down to the tone of my art verses the tone of the music.  It really showed me the need for attention to details and the embrace of total disarray; beauty in the chaos and order in the insanity.” – LaChele Claypool

Having been influenced and with the realization of her path, the gap in time soon changed in her early twenties when her lover surprised her with a camera.   In that instance her path opened up, she quit her job and nearly six years later has never stopped creating art. She now has her own photography service located in Los Angeles called De-Evolutionary Photography.  LaChele’s goal as an artist ties in with her passions in life and when creating with clients, she aims to aid each individual she creates with so that they view themself in a new light and from another perspective.  This is where the power comes in and the world opens up to change.  Her techniques fall on the same line with humanity by connecting with her subjects. Attention to detail in collaborating and sharing mutual energy and emotion de-evolving back to kindness in character and closer relationships.

“I have made it my mission to bring light and relief into the world through art, which serves my own self-love as well.  A change of perspective is sometimes all one needs to view the whole world in a more positive light.  The world needs far more understanding of the differences and similarities of one another.  Art builds a home for those things when done from a pure space of oneself. This is an infinite truth of our world proven from the masters of past generations, the greats of older times and the current up and comers paving ways, touching on important issues within the world and their communities. It bridges the past world with the current and gives us insight into the roots of humanity that would not exist without the cave paintings, the portraits and the depictions of everyday lives.  History tends to circle back around and through art we can see that through the ages a human is still a human.  A bear still defecates in the woods and humans still struggle with similar internal plights.  This can make everyday life less daunting, not to mention having something beautiful to look at can ease a weary spirit.” – LaChele Claypool

With this mission, LaChele believes that without art, the world would be in a total state of chaos and she powerfully shares,

“People think that is the state of things currently, but the truth is that the art created by every dedicated artist is holding together the strings of reality.  In this same way that is what makes the world great with art.  It provides solace for the sordid souls, reflection for the confused individual and validation for the people who feel they walk alone and no one understands.  We know this isn’t the case but still we feel these things and art helps bridge that gap between one another.  I see my art as a tool to provide healing to the world and the moments that that goal is reached the reflection of hope in self is mirrored back to myself.  I see my art as a powerful creature lurking the dark corners of peoples being to bring out the dark, embrace it and shine light through it. I am proud of my ability to do so and so I see my art as a multifaceted experience in the corridors of self-discovery.  I pride myself on my ability to lead my subjects down a path of introspective self-realization and holding space for them and their journey and I believe the same is true vice versa.  We cradle one another’s spirit and artistic vision from mind to reality for the world to see. This provides something like a million breathes into the art itself and carries a piece of each of us that is truly noticeable by the onlookers of the finished pieces. “ – LaChele Claypool

The new definition for power is making the world a better place and through the eyes of a camera and her beautiful heart, LaChele Claypool is powerful.  The title of a photographer doesn’t cover the deep understanding for the term of this artist.  She has set the pace and is a force for any negativity to recon with.  She knows her path and brings others close to being a part of her inner soul and with that, changing our world.

​​Written By Skye Amber Sweet 
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet​

August 2nd, 2016

Power in Being

LaChele Claypool