“I paint Universe and cosmic objects mostly, because I like to think that Space is endless and it means everything is possible. It reflects my position that if you want anything, you just need to keep trying and one day the most secret and big desires will be real.” – Sofia Pushkarskaya

The goals that are set forth in mind when Sofia sets out to create are ultimately to exhibit in Los Angeles monthly and continue sharing with us her diverse nature in creation.  She has been talented enough to be selected in winning one of the prizes in the Strathmore Paper T-shirt Challenge. 

Besides talent, it takes persistence in the art world to be chosen for submissions and art exhibitions.  Having the passion to do so is key and that is something that does not fall short with Sofia for she is passionate about everything she does.  Seemingly, creativity is what catches her attention such as literature in horror stories, rock music and indie films.   It is all those passions that bring color to what could be a very grey world.

“World without art would be boring, gray, sad place. Art brings colors, mood, spirit and joy of seeing beautiful different points of views.  Our world needs diversity and artists bring it on. It shows how different we are and how beautiful is difference, it helps us understand and accept each other, even if we are not alike.” – Sofia Pushkarskaya

Sofia understands difference and the beauty of being unique.  There is much inspiration from her favorite artists such as Salvador Dali, Van Gosh and Frida Kahlo.   With such differences in techniques and being, Sofia interprets their talents from surreal painting incorporated with classic techniques to outstanding colors in deep moods and flow to strength in color from the success in female creativity.  Her own techniques have embedded themselves in all her work from the way she paints space and stars with spray paint to how she dreams in real-life whimsical suggestions of beauty and color.

Without the diversity in our universe shared by such an artist full of light, we would miss out on this bright star. 

Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet   

As a young artist born in Russia and starting at the age of three, Sofia Pushkarskaya painted animals from the children’s literature books she kept close.  She found strength and comfort in repeating illustrations and always focused on her interest of expressing her feelings through creativity and onto paper.   Though repeating what she had seen in her books, she expresses the difference in the way she saw the world and its beauty.

“I see the beauty of our world in small details and I want to leave a mark as an artist with a different point of view.” – Sofia Pushkarskaya

When looking at the works that have come to evolve into colorful vibrant pieces of energy, it is clear that Sofia is not only connected to our universe, but the thought of what else is out there within her seems magical.  There is a Universe within the heart of this artist and the inspiration of the cosmos and stars gather the idea of seeing the world in a different way.