Besides the influence and support of her family, she was introduced back into writing in her later years at her former church in DTLA. She attends church every Sunday and often found it hard to find kind, thoughtful and people tolerant of others in the churches she had attended. She soon found her place in Pasadena at Knox Presbyterian. She is embraced in her surroundings there and which enhances inspiration to continue creating and writing poetry.

“My former church in Downtown LA which is called New City Church is the place that got me to start creating art and poems again. I also got over being depressed and my shyness about creativity. The staff and people of New City Church helped me to have a one person show on Art Walk in the DTLA Arts District several years ago. Over one thousand people attended the show.” – Chuka Susan Chesney

With the support of her church, the success of a solo show, a new found place of confidence and the memories of a child in creation, a deeper communication with the heart really can change the world. 

“Art provides many things, from happiness to enlightenment. For example, if there is injustice in the world (and of course, there is), art can quickly communicate that and help people to change. Art communicates more quickly than words or many other forms of communication. Plus art can reach viewers in the deep, hidden places of their heart and mind.” – Chuka Susan Chesney

In all art, it is important not only to have inspirations influenced by memories, passion and a vision into the heart and soul of matter, but it is also the structure of art itself that makes some artists stand out.

There is an amazing amount of strength behind talent when it comes to technique, style and originality in the gift of a perceivable artist by nature.  Although at times innovative style has clashed in liking with a surrounding audience, Chuka holds fast to the strength in her thoughts reminding her to always keep true to herself and continue the journey of innocence in remaining like a child in her artistic abilities and goals.  While having a naive quality mixed with knowledge of technique, bright colors and mindfulness of light and shadows are placed within the array of lines.  The use of dots and patterns are apparent in all her art, you will fall in love entranced in the sensitivity to dashes, pen and ink whether the lines are thick or thin.  Several pieces such as  “Two Girls Reading” and “Coffee With Jesus” show her strongest techniques along with large influences that make her stand out as a new age artist with antique charm.

“I have several favorite artists: Matisse, Bonnard, Vuillard, Chagall, Van Gogh, Picasso, Dufy, Kahlo, Emil Nolde, Toulouse Lautrec, Georgia O’Keefe, Morris Lewis and Diebenkorn.  Matisse and Bonnard are big influences in my work. Sometimes I copy their paintings in order to learn from them.  They inspire me to look very carefully at my subject instead of just making things up. Both of them look to Nature to help them created art.  They love light and color.  But then they add their own ideas and styles to what they see.  To me, both of them are in touch with their inner child. They haven’t forgotten the style they had as children.  There is a lot of love and happiness in their work. I am drawn to it.” – Chuka Susan Chesney

Everyday and long-term goals for Chuka are simple but strong.  She intends to live life in excitement and feeling exhilarated and happy.  She continues to experiment in her art studio and while keeping curiosity and stimulation; she practices cheerful happiness in everything around her.   Her goals to date have paid off ​not only from her creativity, but her hard work and perseverance.  Recently, Chuka collaborated with Laura Madeline Wiseman releasing a book called "People Like Cats" Published by Red Dashboard. Her illustrations decorated the pages within the binds and illustrated everything feline with the poetry of Madeline Wiseman.  (Link to Purchase "People Like Cats" at end of page.)

While succeeding continuously and surpassing milestones, she continues to aspire in being able to show all over the world. There in her horizon is the hope of selling art to people who love it truly is an inspiration for continuing her adventure.  Chuka has exhibited her art in places throughout the country such as California, New York, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Colorado and one of her poems had been in exhibition in Minnesota.  To be able as artists to share beauty through writing and poetry, there is so much opportunity for her to paint the world with even more beauty than we have seen in her art thus far.  To not have the chance to view such beauty as her art and poetry is a crutch to the world for she has beauty in everything creative to share.  

“There are places that don’t appreciate art, and I have been to them.  A lot of places in Montana, for example, are crude looking and messy. But then there are breathtaking views of sky and mountains in the background.  So even when people don’t care about art, Nature provides beauty.  Even in a really ugly place, has light and shadow, cool and warm colors, intensity and gray.” 

- Chuka Susan Chesney

Chuka Susan Chesney shares with all that beauty does exist in everything and her art and poetry changes the mindset in appreciation.  Visually her art is music we hear through our souls being drawn in to the heart of the colors and dots secretly places and constantly appearing.  With her strong talent of combining real with surreal and time with memories, she is truly an artist whose art will continue to draw you close.

Written By Skye Amber Sweet 
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet   

Note From The Artist:

"I was inspired to write "My Brother's Death" by my brother Tim Farson who committed suicide 22 years ago in my mother's condo in Glendale, California. My brother was 40 years old when he died. His death is a horrifying memory, yet there is a lot of love and softness laced into that memory. My brother was schizophrenic, and he had a short and tragic life. But he was very funny and intelligent, and he brought a lot of goofiness into our lives. He could also be very frustrating. One of the main reasons I create art and poetry is in his memory. He was a skilled photographer and especially loved 3-D photography. If he were still alive, he would be so excited that I am still creating. I wish I could invite him to join my art group in Pasadena - Pasadena Society of Artists. Of course he would drive everybody nuts. Once he tried to join the Hare Krishnas and they wouldn't take him!" - Chuka Susan Chesney

"My Brother's Death"

He is like a broken clock that is still ticking.
He is a moon that stares faceless
out into the darkness,
and the night after he died, I felt
him whisper in my ear.
He called no one.
He is a magic trick
that is about to disappear
under the card table.
He is a puppet
whose strings are pulled
by the troubled branches 
of dead, snarled trees.
I saw handprints
of the blood of wild mustangs
dancing down the hall
where he staggered and leaned
on his death march toward heaven.

Written by Chuka Susan Chesney

​All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Chuka Susan Chesney

 October 4th, 2016

The poetry within our heart is merely the logic behind our thoughts and the spirituality within a soul transcribes a process of art.  There is nothing as much as the innocence of a child that keeps Chuka Susan Chesney painting the world free and bright. 

Chuka was born in Los Angeles and has a Master’s Degree in teaching while having also been accepted at nineteen to the Art Center College of Design.  The embracement of her creativity in art and writing as a child and the skills learned throughout life only offer us more beauty through her art. With paintings enhanced by her strong spirituality she finds influence in light, beauty and words.

Chuka comes from a family of creative beings and while her mother wanted her to be a secretary, her father supported her financially in her education in the arts.  She has many fond memories that introduced her to her ongoing passion of creation in both art and writing.

“My father, brother, and sister were all very creative. My grandfather could draw and I have some cousins who draw, too.  There was a great aunt on my father’s side of the family who was a professional artist and went to Paris.  My father owned a printing company and supplied piles of quality paper for us all through our childhood.  He also brought paper to the children of many of his friends.  He brought home paper samples from the paper companies that he worked with.  He gave us lots of brushes, paint, colored pencils, and oil pastels. We had a kitchen table with a Formica top, and we were allowed to be messy when we were creating art. “ – Chuka Susan Chesney