"Becoming One In The Heart Of Skye Amber Sweet"

Above: "Layers In Mind" by Skye Amber Sweet

Above: "I'm Not Really Here" by Skye Amber Sweet                                                                                                                                                        

April 3rd, 2016

In the beginning before there was art or poetry, before experience and heartaches, there was me, standing there; looking out into the ocean from what all I knew was Hawaii.  The breeze always hit my face and the winds from afar always reassured me that I was in the right place where I should be in the midst of the face of my ocean.

I have always been wild and free in my heart and growing up around water, surrounded by music and dancing to my own rhythms in my mind gave me the freedom to be.  I find still today that handstands on the sand and the dramatic opera whispering out loud from the water where my feet sink, sometimes is the only music I need. The melody of that surrounding me has always written songs for me that would forever flow through my head.

Art and music go hand in hand with me and the sadder the music playing, the deeper the layers and the more I paint.  The emotions in my heart overfill to the point of release.  The canvas is my heartache for the world and I take much of the worlds issues and carry it upon my own heart forcing me to try and change the surrounding of chaos.  I purposely try not to listen to the news or follow heartbreaking, cruel, inhumane stories for it as if each one takes a piece of my heart to the point it affects my inner being.  But this is where my art comes from.  

Layers upon layers of let downs, misfortune, death and lifeless living has all been a layer on my canvas, line by line the blood flows and the negative space in every painting take over by organic nature giving life back to what is void on my canvas; my heart. The layers in my art are forever changing like my surroundings and my emotions.  The connection with beauty in nature such as trees seem to always be combined with hearts and multiple ones of others.  Somehow, still there is no thought process behind my art; only emotion.  

My techniques seem caveman like with the tender strokes of my fingers upon the gesso of the canvas while the waves of the water and acrylic flow across each other creating linear imperfect squares. This has somehow embedded itself into my art as a trademark signature along with positive and negative space created by water. 

To be continued....

Written By Skye Amber Sweet

All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet