With sensitivity to all that surrounds an artist, Stephen Bryer has connected with the details in the commitment with nature and all that lay with it.   With passion in his heart to create, Bryer opens his sensitive soul to all the beauty that matters and paints the doors to his magical garden.

Stephen who currently lives in Laguna Beach was born in Geneva, Illinois and has always found beauty in all places and in the company of the flowers of life.  At eight years old and in the beginning, it was the floral arrangements found in his family’s garden in which still life bloomed upon Stephen’s paintings.  

“I am compelled to seek and express beauty in art and nature as is my heart is compelled to beat…” – Stephen Bryer

The inside of this gentle genius is beautiful in his complexity, detailed in his introspect and is provocative with his emotions that are sensual in rare sensitivity.  With this, his art confirms to be its duplicate in the strokes of paint brushed upon his canvases and public walls for all to feel.

“I recognize my art as a profound channel to the divine…” “I believe that the world needs more meaningful, heartfelt connections…to God…to nature…to our fellow man.  Art has the potential to do this…to help us think and feel far beyond our ordinary limitations.”  – Stephen Bryer

Stephen’s thought process is directly connected with nature and the solidarity of natural living objects as life.  Creating in unity as one with photography and paint, he intentionally persuades the senses to embracing his art as a whole.

“My photographic techniques that lead to my painting are done in such a way that they appear to be some type of painting and when they do become paintings, I employ other methods that intrigue the viewers as to the actual medium being used.  Is it water…acrylic…oil…YES!”  – Stephen Bryer

Stephen appreciates the special talents he has been given and the artist he is most inspired by is Michelangelo.  The types of mediums consisting in the talents of this artist include chalk, acrylic and photography and he has beautifully printed upon metal such as “ Petals of Love”.  Stephen has also engaged in the beauty of murals enlightening the senses with closeness to realism.

A prolific artist, sensually descriptive and in touch with creation itself, Stephen finds that a world without art would be ordinary.  He believes that in art and the very idea of art is that in which takes us high and above ordinariness.  

Like many artists and he is not alone, we dream and work hard towards finding our collectors and institutions in which we can personally share our talents.  Along with Stephen and his wishes in that, he is productive in activating the thought of using art as a way to touch as many people as possible.  The use of large displays of floral art publicly will ensure just that.  

The duty of an artist is to share the inner expansions of the heart with the intellect in our world that needs to see it.  It is only artists like Stephen Bryer who have the depth to sharing the possibilities of imagination.

Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2016 Skyepoet