The damage in our being is what changes the heart.  The strength in the center core determines the path of all things.  Connecting to the world and the people within it is the path that artist, Kate Carvellas finds as her gateway to healing in her journey to overcoming her past.  With her art reflecting truth and direction of who she is, there is a subconscious calling from her artistic nature so intuitive to the process that she finds discovery within. 

Kate Carvellas was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has been a creator since birth. She remembers at a young age that art was her favorite class in kindergarten and grade school. Although she was not able continue art education after high school, she was convinced that art was something she had to do.  It was the-beckoning call of her artistic duty to herself and for the world around her. 

“I believe we were created to be creators.  By creating, we are connecting to our own Creator.  A world without art would be a world that denied that very basic aspect of our humanity.  And it would be like death.”  - Kate Carvellas

Life is never perfect and as humans our pasts sometimes leave a brief pause in life that temporarily seize our passions.  Kate took an absence of creating for eighteen years from 1986 until 2004.  It wasn’t until attending therapy within that time that helped her resume creating again.  Soon after, she found the need and the desire to re-surface her creative side and set forth again with her creative path.  Four years after recommitting to her talent, Kate Carvellas exhibited her artwork for the first time and the path to healing began.

The inspiration from her art is her self, her past and her healing and her goals of creating great art are never far from reality.  She is inspired by her favorite artists, Basquiat, Kandinsky, Miro and David Whaley which are just a few in mentioning but truly she focuses on creating her own path and healing within her art.

“I have made a very conscious choice to do my best not be influenced by any other artists.  My need to create work that is completely my own is almost pathological.” - Kate Carvellas

Sensitive to the empathies of her surroundings and the passions of life, she cares deeply about the love for her friends, her cat Sam and her unbending faith. Kate currently lives in Pasadena, California and exhibits regularly throughout Los Angeles County.   The passion that appears in her paintings come directly from her heart while her mind leaves comments within the paint strokes and assemblages she creates.  There in script and through her pattern of shapes lay a strong sense of nostalgia. It is hard not to look close to the unintentional strokes as thoughts subconsciously are conveyed and worked out through a strong consistency of telling stories through her art.

Kate believes that the world needs more love and describes passionately that love consists of so much more than four letters.  In love she finds that the act there of includes patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, forgiveness, humility, honesty, grace and much mercy.  Art changes the world and love encourages it.

“I believe art can help because, if it is a true form of self-expression, one makes oneself visible and vulnerable to others.  And, by doing so, opens up a connection and dialogue between the viewer, other viewers and the artist.  One of the ultimate results of love is true connection, one human to another.” - Kate Carvellas 

The reflection of her self delicately placed in strategic manners without intention signifies not only growth and change but also strength and courage.  The intelligence in her artistic path to healing has encouraged the beauty in the break.

With Kate Carvellas’ art helping her to change her own world, she has created inspiring pieces that help change our world and the people with in it.  She hopes to continue creating and getting her art in front of the world while continuing to donate ten percent of every piece she sells to charities that are helping animals and people live with better lives.

Written By Skye Amber Sweet
All Rights Reserved Copyrights 2017 Skyepoet