Creating art is a way to reimagine the future in hopes for peace and unity of all. As a woman, mother and single parent, Velvet Marshall believes that you need a focus to keep your balance with everything.  This balance is included in why she creates art and how she does it from her heart.  

“My art reflects the very heart of me. I see each painted canvas as a personal daily journal.”...“Every piece of art creates discussions and value in the world. Art stimulates the imagination which is the catalyst of change.”

Velvet grew up surrounded and influenced by a family of artists.  At a young age of three, her father began teaching her the theory behind color.  Being that he worked from home as a leading Disney artist, he was able to share his techniques and time with her helping her creativity grow.  Two years later she learned sketching techniques of the masters by her mother who was also an artist. Her mother wanted to empower Velvet to build and  imagine her own drawings in the creation of her paper dolls. Not only was Velvet influenced by the teachings of her parents but she was inspired by timeless artists who expressed themselves deeply through color and emotion.  

“Vincent Van Gogh made me “see” paint and how to use it to transcend time and emotion. Artists like Pollock, Rothko, DeKooning and Rauschenberg from the Abstract Expressionist Movement of the 40’s and 50’ inspired me with their use of color and abstract form directly relating to emotion, expression and mood. They showcased their feeling behind the pieces they designed.”

Like the inspiration she got from these artists, Velvet hopes to inspire others and believes it as a worthy endeavor.  Her Mona Lisa and beautiful daughter, Nastassia has been her greatest accomplishment and inspiration.  Being able to raise a child and incorporate passion and grace to enhance her life helps Velvet continue growing as a person and an artist.  She has recently had the opportunity to help others with this as well.

“This past year I’ve found that I really enjoy teaching art and started a series of my own instructed art classes at the Topanga Community Center. The look on each student’s face when they’ve completed a painting is sheer accomplishment.”

Velvet could not imagine the world without art especially in schools where children are at the very core of their learning. Currently in most public schools, art have been taken out of the curriculum and have been available mainly at private schools where not everyone is able to attend. Because Velvet is so passionate about making sure there is art and art for all she has stepped up in the community to help change the world.  
“I wanted to create this type of program where artist articulate their message and use it to build stronger communities all over. So I started the nonprofit “LIRDS for the ARTS” Coloring the world to make it a better place.”

Velvet is also painting her first mural to do just this, make the world a better place.  The city of Hawthorne council and arts commissioner Gloria Plascencia invited her because of her heartfelt paintings to paint a large mural located at Ramona Park.  Although she  prefer to use mediums with organic references that predict various experiences in life such as tea, coffee, house paint, roofing tar and clay in her art, she is challenging herself to curate a special mural to give to the community.

“Over the past year I've been working on the layout and designs for a children's mural I'm donating to Ramona Park in Hawthorne, CA. This is a project I've put my heart into and production is scheduled to begin on August 16th.”

In order for this project to go smoothly, Velvet needs your help to raise funds for paint and painting supplies. Please check out the provided link below to learn more about the project or to donate.

Velvet Marshal is a beautiful artist and activist for Art Rights and is grateful to be alive and life itself.  She is making great changes to help the world and it starts from the heart.  Her heart is large and full of knowledge on how to make changes with little steps.  Everything counts and the more we start the movement within ourselves, the faster everything positive moves with us.