“My paintings have a very personal essence to them and if the person whether it be a layman or a collector who sees my paintings can feel the essence, then so be it. My paintings are collector ripe, but I don’t paint so that a gallery can sell them to a collector. ”

Ever since Mohan was a child living in India, he was always innovative and  invented things and made his own toys.  Although he does not call himself an artist, he occupies himself with art work and has from a very young age.   In 1999 he was in San Diego and was encouraged by his cousin who is an artist to begin painting.  He admired the creativity and imagination of Mohan and pushed him so hone his artistic capabilities and talent.

Mohan was also inspired by the English painter J.M.W Turner from the early 1800’s.  Turner to this day is considered a controversial figure and although he was known for his amazing oil paintings he was a master when it came to watercolor landscapes. He was a huge influencer in his seventies and had painted from a young age wishing only to share his paintings so that the viewer could see it from the mind instead of the eyes.  

“My art is not this so-called art where it is a decorative or a commercial thing.  All I want to motivate is imagination. If my work can be displayed around where students are, I would be the most grateful. I'd like to be the wind beneath everyone's wings.  Young, free minds seem to relate to my paintings, I am 71 now. Young free minds can relate to my paintings because they are still fresh in this world.”

Each painting that Mohan completes starts out as two separate pieces of art.  He then cuts out random strips and uses his signature technique of weaving each together into one final piece. In each painting he shares with the world is a sphere and that sphere represents a gem which we all are and the knowledge that we are also the only ones who can polish it.  Being able to look upon a piece finding the connection in ourselves and learning and growing from it makes the world a better place.

“The world needs more beauty. I think art is art when it's for the welfare of mankind, and not for individuals or privileged groups. It's for all mankind. Only then do I consider it art. Everyone should have access to it.”

Mohan Sundaresan creates beautiful pieces of art that the eye continues to research slowly winding through the weaves connecting each heart from the mind.  There is passion and meaning painted that gives each piece reason and credibility to the thought giving motivation to artistic capabilities.

To some, art is personal and the deep connection with one’s self is important when painting pieces for the world to see.  When Mohan Sundaresan paints, onlookers can see his pieces as a reflection of his feelings.  Everyone has their own and all he can ask for is for their own movement to what they see when they lay eyes upon his works.

“I personally do not paint for anyone else's feelings; I paint my feelings. I don't want to impose my feelings on anyone but I paint my feelings. I can't paint someone else's feelings. I don't know what's going on in their head and as far as I'm concerned I don't know what's going on in my head.”

Mohan paints to release frustrations and it gives him an outlet to release negative forces that may occupy him at times.  Once he begins his creative process he is able to erase the steam collected by his emotions.  Through painting the negative energy begins to vanish and if not completely dissipate slowly through each brush stroke.